Thiraipada Nagaram — 2015
Drama, Romance

Thiraipada Nagaram — 2015

The story is about a group of youngsters who leave their native place for Chennai in the hope of getting a break in the film industry. In Chennai, they rent a house whose owner is very supportive of them. A film production manager recommends them to various film companies. One fine day, all of them get a chance in a big-budget film. But unfortunately, a difference of opinion crops up among them. What follows forms an interesting climax.

When was Thiraipada Nagaram released in India?

October 16, 2015


Did you know who starred in Thiraipada Nagaram?

Devadarshini, Thambi Ramaiah, Priya, Muthu


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Thiraipada Nagaram

SP Gnanamozhi

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