Silambattam — 2008

Silambattam — 2008

Vichu (Silambarasan) is a quiet village priest brought up by his maternal grandfather (Nedumudi Venu). Owing to specific reasons, the caring elder has purposefully toned down (Vichu uses his eyes to convey the inner quietude of Vichu) the young boy’s emotional quotient and has taught him a peculiar art of living. As a result, Vichu is soft-spoken, passive, and is groomed to tolerate all sorts of malicious misdemeanors aimed at him. Vichu assists his grandfather in carrying out religious rituals as well as being the temple’s caretaker. Vichu’s only consolation comes in the company of his sweetheart Jaanu (Sana Khan). Jaanu’s kiddish jokes and teasing remarks make up for all the precious and youthful moments he has missed in his growing-up years.

When was Silambattam released in India?

19 December 2008


Did you know who starred in Silambattam?

T.R. Silambarasan, Sana Khaan, Sneha


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Silambattam

S. Saravanan

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