Rudhramadevi — 2015
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Rudhramadevi — 2015

Ganapatideva was the emperor of the Kakatiya dynasty who rules Kakatiya Empire from Orugallu(present day Warangal, Telangana) as its Capital. With Kakatiya Dynasty at a problem, Ganapatideva’s wife gives birth to a baby girl, but as the Dynasty is in big trouble and the people want a prince, not a princess the minister advises king to announce the baby girl as a boy. Rudramadevi was formally designated as a son and given the male name Rudradeva, through the ancient Putrika ceremony. But, during Rudramadevi’s birth, an astrologer predicted that a baby girl is born to rule the kingdom jointly with her father as his co-regent from 1259–60 under the name of Rudradeva Maharaja.

When was Rudhramadevi released in India?

9 October 2015


Did you know who starred in Rudhramadevi?

Anushka Shetty, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Rudhramadevi


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