Retta Vaalu — 2014
Comedy, Romance

Retta Vaalu — 2014

Sekar, a thief taking refuge by working on a farm, falls in love with Anjali, a local girl. When Anjali’s parents discover that he is a thief, they discourage her from continuing the relationship. Anjali ignores her parents’ advice and continues making plans to elope with him. While Sekar’s parents make arrangements for the young couple to marry, Sekar continues his criminal activities. On the night before Sekar and Anjali’s marriage, Sekar’s criminal cronies intoxicate him in order to sell Anjali into slavery. Sekar looks for Anjali, eventually finding the place where she was sold, and kills a woman working in the slavery business. Meanwhile, Anjali is injured by slave traders as she is thrown from a car when the drivers learn of the woman’s murder by Sekar. While hospitalized, Anjali is killed by her father who fears unwanted media attention. Sekar reaches the hospital and learns about the death of Anjali.[citation needed]

When was Retta Vaalu released in India?

September 19, 2014


Did you know who starred in Retta Vaalu?

Akhil, Saranya Nag, Benven Prabhakaran


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Retta Vaalu


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