Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam — 2007

Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam — 2007

Pasupathy (Ranjith) lives with his mother in a village and comes to town with the intent of finding a job. He fights against a few thugs and hands them over to police constable Daas (Vivek) following which Daas is promoted to sub-inspector. Pasupathy accompanies Das and his team most of the time. Pasupathy’s mother is diagnosed with a heart problem and he is need of 500,000 rupees for the surgery. Pasupathy tries in vain to collect money with the help of Daas and Priya (Sindhu Tolani).

When was Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam released in India?

October 5, 2007


Did you know who starred in Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam?

Ranjith, Sindhu Tolani, Vivek, Ganja Karuppu


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam

K. Selva Bharathy

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