Om Shanti Om — 2015
Comedy, Romance

Om Shanti Om — 2015

The film opens with a bus accident in which there is only one survivor — Vasu (Srikanth). The film flashes forward to six months later. Vasu works in an automobile showroom and falls in love with Shanthi (Neelam Upadhyaya), who he also hires as his employee. Vasu begins to notice five individuals following him everywhere he goes. He confronts them, and they tell him that they need his help, and he agrees. As he fulfills their wishes, he learns they are people who were involved in the same bus accident as him, and they have appeared as spirits so their last wishes can be fulfilled. Shanthi mistakes the signs of Vasu talking with the ghosts as a psychological problem, and the lovers separate. Can Vasu fulfill the spirits’ wishes and get back together with Shanthi?

When was Om Shanti Om released in India?

October 30, 2015


Did you know who starred in Om Shanti Om?

Srikanth, Neelam Upadhyaya


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Om Shanti Om

Surya Prabhakar

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