Nil Gavani Sellathey — 2010

Nil Gavani Sellathey — 2010

Sam (Anand Chakaravarthy), Jo (Dhaniska), Arun (Ramssy), Priya (Lakshmi Nair) and Milo (Jagan) head to a small village on a pleasure trip. And they reach the place despite a warning that it is not to going to be a nice trip.

As night arrives, what arrives along with it is a series of mysterious experiences. The friends are attacked one after other by an unidentified villain. In the meantime, a police officer too arrives at the village to unravel the mystery.

When was Nil Gavani Sellathey released in India?

17 December 2010


Did you know who starred in Nil Gavani Sellathey?

Lakshmi Devy, Jagan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Nil Gavani Sellathey

K. Anand Chakravarthy, Pridhvi Sunain Zoro

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