Natpukkaga — 1998

Natpukkaga — 1998

Chinnayya (Sarath Kumar) works for a rich man Ayya (Vijayakumar) in a village. Chinnayya has great respect and affection towards Ayya and Ayya, too, takes care of Chinnayya and looks after him as his own son. Ayya hates his first daughter Gowri (Sithara) and her husband (Mansoor Ali Khan). Prabhavathy (Simran), Ayya’s younger daughter, arrives at the village after completing her education from the US. Prabhavathy loves Chinnayya but he does not reciprocate, thinking this would be a betrayal of Ayya’s trust in him. Later, Chinnayya too understands Prabhavathy’s love and accepts it.

When was Natpukkaga released in India?

25 June 1998


Did you know who starred in Natpukkaga?

R. Sarathkumar, Simran, Vijayakumar


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Natpukkaga

K. S. Ravikumar

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