Metro — 2013
Action, Thriller

Metro — 2013

The film begins with Arivazhagan (Shirish Saravanan) along with his friend locking up an unknown man and torturing him with a camera filming the whole incident. The movie then turns to a flash back, where Arivu narrates how happy he and his family was. Arivu who is a writer for a press and the eldest son of a retired Police Head-constable and his wife, has a brother named Madhi who is a 1st year Engineering student. Arivu’s Middle-class family life is however happy with his friend Kumar (Sendrayan) mingling as one of the family. Problem begins when Madhi who is pressured by his Girl friend to get an expensive bike, persuades his family to get him a bike. Though hesitant at first, they agree to get him a bike of his choice. However, delay in getting his bike and seeing his classmate Ganesh (Nishanth) spending casually makes him curious to know what he does for money. This is when he is introduced to the heinous crime of chain snatching. Ganesh introduces him to Guna (Bobby Simha) who is heading a gang of young college going chain snatches. Madhi joins the gang and starts to earn through chain snatching, and gets all the things he wants. [3]

When was Metro released in India?

25 July 2014


Did you know who starred in Metro?

Sergei Puskepalis, Anatoliy Belyy, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksey Bardukov, Kseniya Berezina, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Aleksandr Fisenko, Aleksey Gavrilov


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Metro

Anton Megerdichev

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