Meendum Amman — 2014

Meendum Amman — 2014

The Akkamma Goddess (Bhanu Priya) stays on eight hills, and all her powers are guarded by the certain evil powers called ‘Gharula Kota Shakthulu’. To free Akkamma from these evil powers, any one who is born in ‘Simha Rasi’ is needed to sacrifice themselves. A group of four sisters, who grow up under Akkamma Goddess, sacrifice themselves and make the goddess free from these evil powers. As the sisters help the goddess, to get out of from trouble, Akkamma accepts them as her sisters and all the five start protecting the village. During this time in the same village, a lady named Rajeshwari (Radhika) prays to these five sisters. At the same time a dreaded monster, Karkotakudu (Sathya Prakash) lands on earth. He decides to damage and seize the earth but comes to know that he would die in the hands of Rajeshwari who is born in ‘Simha Rashi’.

When was Meendum Amman released in India?

27 Jun, 2014


Did you know who starred in Meendum Amman?

Bhanupriya, Richard, Kutty Radhika


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Meendum Amman

Kodi Ramakrishana

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