Machi — 2004

Machi — 2004

Karthik (Dushyanth) is a rich spoiled brat from Mumbai, who likes to spend time drinking alcohol in pubs and going night-clubbing. His father Mohanram (Bhanu Chander), tired of seeing his son drunk every night, forces him to enrol in a medical college in Coimbatore. In Coimbatore, far from changing his behaviour, Karthik rags the college students. Then he meets four of his classmates : Pandi (S. R. Prakash), Babu (Sathish), Vasu (Ranjan) and Moses (V. Sankar) who come from middle-class families. The four think that they are now friends with Karthik but he makes sure that they are not friends, the haughty Karthik even makes fun of their looks and social status.

When was Machi released in India?

June 25, 2004


Did you know who starred in Machi?

Dushyanth, Shubha Poonja


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Machi

K. S. Vasantha Kumar

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