Maanga — 2015
Comedy, Sci-Fi

Maanga — 2015

Shiva (Premji) is an amateur scientist aiming to send a rocket to cement the hole in the ozone layer. But his crazy attempts bring so many problems to his family members as well as neighbors. His school friend cum neighbor Jothila (Advaitha) is smitten by Shiva’s innocence and is ready to marry him. But on their marriage day a big problem occurs due to Shiva’s rocket invention attempt and that makes everyone abandon him. Shiva on his way to commit suicide comes to know about a bungalow where 49 people have died mysteriously. He goes to that place, risking his life to see whether he can continue his research over there. His experiences in the Bungalow forms the rest of the film.

When was Maanga released in India?

11 September 2015


Did you know who starred in Maanga?

Advaitha, Amarasigamani, Premgi Amaren


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Maanga

R.S. Raja

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