Lovely — 2001

Lovely — 2001

The movie revolves around Chandru (Karthik) and his lover Niveditha (Malavika) in the backdrop of Ooty. Niveditha’s father Mahadevan (Manivannan) is against love marriages and he finds out that his daughter Niveditha is in love with someone. Mahadevan asks for the details of Niveditha’s lover. But Niveditha as per Chandru’s plan, hands over Azhagesh’s (Vivek) (who happens to be Chandru’s friend), photo to Mahadevan and informs him as her lover. Mahadevan sends some goons to attack Azhagesh and the proceedings happen comically.

Meanwhile, Chandru and Niveditha keeps planning on how to make Mahadevan nod for their wedding. One day, Mahadevan’s car gets repaired on the way. Chandru along with his family also comes on the same way. Seeing Mahadevan helpless on the road, Chandru picks him up and drops him at home thereby getting into good books of Mahadevan. Slowly, Mahadevan and Chandru become good family friends. But still, Chandru and Niveditha do not reveal their love to their parents and are happy that both families are in good terms now.

When was Lovely released in India?

6 July 2001


Did you know who starred in Lovely?

Karthik, Malavika, Monal Naval, Nizhalgal Ravi, Vivek, Manivannan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Lovely

Sakthi Chidambaram

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