Lee — 2007

Lee — 2007

Leelatharan aka Lee (Sibiraj) hangs out with a bunch of merry youths who do practically any work and play football in other times. It is a strong-willed and thick-tied group. Chellama (Nila), a worker in a facility for the mentally-challenged, is also kind of a groupie. Life is all merry and mirth till she espies Lee & co, attempting an assassination of sorts on a minister. The bid fails, but Chellama is shocked and so are we. Why would this bunch want to take a crack at the murky world of politics and cricket?

When was Lee released in India?

February 16, 2007


Did you know who starred in Lee?

Sibiraj, Prakash Raj, Nila


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Lee

Prabhu Solomon

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