Kuraiondrumillai — 2014
Drama, Family, Romance

Kuraiondrumillai — 2014

Kuraiondrumillai is a heart-warming love story which deals with interpersonal relationship issues encompassing a subtle social message and economic developmental possibilities in rural India. Krishna (Hero) is an optimist who sees positives in every situation yet has a deep hidden wounds from his past relationship. Sandhya (Heroine) is a sensitive girl whose heart desire to find a true companion but she fears choosing a wrong person. When they meet each other and fall in love they understand the basics of relationship. Krishna’s relationship issues with sandhya and resistance from his higher officials to execute his ideas in rural projects takes him through a transformational experience.

When was Kuraiondrumillai released in India?

10 October 2014


Did you know who starred in Kuraiondrumillai?

Geethan Britto, Haritha Parokod


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kuraiondrumillai

Karthik Ravi

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