Kundakka Mandakka — 2005
Comedy, Drama

Kundakka Mandakka — 2005

The movie is about Ilangovan aka Ilango (Parthiban), a middle-class youth, who dreams to get his sister Kavitha (Mallika married to a millionaire. He is very keen on becoming rich and falls in love with Roopa (Lakshmi Rai), daughter of a rich industrialist. Now and then Ilango comes across Chellappa (Vadivelu), a petty thief, and takes him for a fun ride. A sequence of events makes Ilango realize that money is not everything in life. He finally, along with Chellappa, takes efforts to get his sister married to the boy whom she loves.

When was Kundakka Mandakka released in India?

14 October 2005


Did you know who starred in Kundakka Mandakka?

Aarthi, Madhan Bob, Chaams


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kundakka Mandakka


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