Kathavarayan — 2008

Kathavarayan — 2008

The film revolves around Kathavarayan (Karan), who sells illicit arrack in Hogenakkal. Though he is involved in arrack trade, he is a man with golden heart. Malathy (Vidisha), a student, comes to the village as part of her NSS project. She vows to end the arrack menace in the village and takes efforts to arrest Kathavarayan. Thanks to her efforts, Kathavarayan gets arrested and lodged in prison in Chennai.

Call it fate, Malathy is arrested for no fault of her in Chennai. Her efforts to expose drug-pedlers in Chennai backfires. They hatch a conspiracy and Malathy falls a prey to it. She gets arrested for possessing drugs and lands in prison.

When was Kathavarayan released in India?

30 May 2008


Did you know who starred in Kathavarayan?

Karan, Vidisha, Radha, Vadivelu


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kathavarayan

Salangai Durai 

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