Kasu — 2007
Action, Romance

Kasu — 2007

Ashok (Vishwa), Ani (Payal), Viji (Nanditha Jennifer), Divya (Laksha), Pravin (Kadhal Sukumar) and Tharun (Arul) are good friends and their only aim in life is to make money. They are stealing from banks, hijacking container trucks and robbing the rich people. They had been actively sought by the police, the police inspector Manikkavel (J. Livingston) is charged to catch them. The friends on the run travelled from town to town, and are later hosted by a mysterious man G. R. (K. Bhagyaraj) in his bungalow, the fugitives introduce themselves as youngsters who were lost in the wood.

When was Kasu released in India?

4 May 2007


Did you know who starred in Kasu?

K. Bhagyaraj, Vishwa, J. Livingston


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kasu

R. Kumaran

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