Karungali — 2011

Karungali — 2011

Dr. Kanimozhi[2](Sunitha Verma) is drawn to Pottalam Ravi (Kalanjiyam) because of his life-saving act and ultimately decides to marry him. She overlooks Ravi’s brutal past life, during when he had murdered many, including Sengudi (Asmitha), who was with him right from their childhood days. She loves him, but he appears quite satisfied by using her whenever he is driven by his sexual urge. Believing that she could change him for the better, Kani marries him after his return from prison after a jail term. Ravi looks like a changed man after emerging from jail and tells his wife that the talks that he had with some religious people made him a complete man. However, his real self comes out when he hears about Kani’s good-looking patient Amudhanila Gunasekharan (Anjali) and her “inability” to give birth to a child. Ravi’s evil mind springs back to life as his urge to have sex with Amudha increases. He gets close to her, pretending to be the doctor’s assistant. Ravi almost succeeds in making Amudha believe that he had the “solution” to “cure” her problem. How Amudha is saved and how Kani treats her sex-maniac husband is what the script is all about.

When was Karungali released in India?

29 July 2011


Did you know who starred in Karungali?

Alex, Anjali, Ashmitha


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Karungali

M. Kalanjiyam

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