Kannum Kannum — 2008

Kannum Kannum — 2008

Sathyamoorthy, an orphan, vents his feelings in a poem but doesn’t submit it to a magazine. Surprisingly he reads a poem, penned by a girl, in a magazine that is quite similar to what he has written. He is amused and sets off to find the girl. He finds that she is a college student and living in Kutralam. He writes a letter and gets a reply. The friendship develops and it gradually evolves into love.

One fine day he goes to Kutralam to meet the girl and stays in his friend’s house. The girl is away on a college tour. Ironically, she is the sister of his friend. In the second half, the friend dies in a mishap accidentally caused by Sathyamoorthy. Wishing to atone for his fault, he takes on his friend’s responsibilities and considers his friend’s sisters as his own sisters. When the girl comes back, she finds a new brother, who is supposed to be her lover.

When was Kannum Kannum released in India?

21 March 2008


Did you know who starred in Kannum Kannum?

G. Marimuthu, Prasanna, Udhayathara


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kannum Kannum

G. Marimuthu

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