Kannukkul Nilavu — 2000
Drama, Mystery, Romance

Kannukkul Nilavu — 2000

The film is about a person who suffers from a neurological condition that results in partial retrograde amnesia and delusions due to a head injury and his subsequent recovery thanks to a kind girl and her psychiatrist father.

The film opens to Gautham Prabhakar (Vijay) searching all around Pondicherry in vain for a girl named Gayathri. He encounters a group of friends headed by Hema (Shalini) and requests their help in locating Gayathri, who appears to be Gautham’s lover. The group members are initially hostile to him but eventually decide to help him after Gautham pursues them aggressively and Hema realises that he may be suffering from a neurological condition resulting in amnesia and delusions. Hema’s father Dr. Rajashekar (Raghuvaran) is a psychiatrist who discovers Gautham’s real condition and the dangers it poses.

When was Kannukkul Nilavu released in India?

14 January 2000


Did you know who starred in Kannukkul Nilavu?

Joseph Vijay, Shalini, Kaveri


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kannukkul Nilavu


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