Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela — 2000

Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela — 2000

Parvathi (Latha) is a rich and arrogant woman who leads her life with her three sons – Kandha (Prabhu), Kadamba (S.Ve. Sekar) and Kathirvela (Vivek). The sons are very obedient towards their mother and they run a restaurant in Chennai. Parvathi also had a daughter (Bhuvaneshwari) who married Vadivelan (Vadivelu), a barber following which Parvathi disowns her daughter. Vadivelan decides to teach a lesson for Parvathi. He understands that Parvathi’s sons are in love with girls from economically backward community and sets a plan to get them married against Parvathi’s wishes. Kandha is married to Rubini (Roja), Kadamba to Ragini (Kovai Sarala) and Kathir to Rohini (Nirosha).

When was Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela released in India?

5 May 2000


Did you know who starred in Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela?

Prabhu, S.Ve.Shekhar, Vivek, Vadivelu, Roja, Kovai Sarala, Nirosha


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kandha Kadamba Kathir Vela

Rama Narayanan

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