Kana Kanden — 2005
Romance, Thriller

Kana Kanden — 2005

This film has the water scarcity that the city faces severely as its backdrop. It revolves around three interesting characters. ‘Baskar’, who takes up desalination of seawater as his ambition; His childhood friend ‘Archana’ who later turns out as his spouse; ‘Madan’, who makes pivot changes in others life with his sheer intelligence. What happens when these three meet up? How these characters use their brainpower variously is narrated sophisticatedly. How a young chap with such an ambition arising from a third world nation triumphs is told with an interesting screenplay.

When was Kana Kanden released in India?

13 May 2005


Did you know who starred in Kana Kanden?

Linda Arsenio, Gopika, Srikanth


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kana Kanden

Anand K.V. 

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