Kadhale En Kadhale — 2006

Kadhale En Kadhale — 2006

Rajiv (Naveen) is a final-year student and also the son of a rich couple (Ramakrishna and Chitra Shenoy). His family friend’s daughter Krithika (Roma Asrani), a very shy girl, comes to stay in their house. She joins the same school as him as a first-year student, Rajiv helps her in many ways. At the college admission day, Rajiv falls under the spell of the fresher Pragathi (Shrutha Keerthi). Krithika later left their home and moves to the college hostel. One day, Krithika falls sick and Rajiv takes care of her, therefore she falls in love with him. Every day, Krithika records her love for Rajiv in a journal in her computer. Whereas Rajiv is attracted by Pragathi’s friendly approach, speech and graceful look. Rajiv does not have the courage to convey his love to Pragathi. On the final day of college, Rajiv reveals to Krithika that he is in love with her classmate Pragathi, Krithika is therefore heartbroken. Rajiv then proposes his love to Pragathi, but she doesn’t reciprocate his love and humiliates him.

When was Kadhale En Kadhale released in India?

August 4, 2006


Did you know who starred in Kadhale En Kadhale?

Naveen, Shrutha Keerthi, Roma Asrani


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kadhale En Kadhale

PC Shekhar

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