Kadhal Desam — 1996
Drama, Romance

Kadhal Desam — 1996

In a city in Southern India traditional rivalry has always existed between the students of Pachiappas and Loyala Colleges respectively. While Rajesh studies in Pachiappas College, lives in a rented room, with several months of outstanding rent, travels by the bus, hangs out with a number of friends, mostly eve-teasers, and is the Captain of his football team. Arun, on the other hand, comes from a wealthy family, drives his own car, studies in Loyala College, and is also the Captain of his football team. After a football game, both become good friends. Arun tells Rajesh that he is in love with a girl, while Rajesh also tells him that he too has a girlfriend. Both do not know that they love the same girl, Divya. Watch what happens when Divya finds out that both her friends are in love with her, and who she will chose as her husband?

When was Kadhal Desam released in India?

23 August 1996


Did you know who starred in Kadhal Desam?

Abbas, Chinnijayanth, Kevin


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Kadhal Desam


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