Johnny — 1980
Action, Crime, Drama

Johnny — 1980

Archana (Sridevi) is a popular singer, and Johnny (Rajinikanth) is her ardent fan. Johnny is a conman who does petty thefts (only on the greedy ones) to close the loan taken by his father. He never misses Archana’s concerts, and she notices this. A tender love develops between the two, but Johnny is guarded in accepting Archana’s love due to his not-so-clean background. But one day Johnny accepts Archana’s love when she proposes to him. Meanwhile, Vidyasagar (Rajinikanth), a barber and lookalike of Johnny, lives a lonely life with his assortment of pet animals. He falls for Bhama (Deepa), another loner, and they both plan to marry. Vidyasagar notices his lover’s infidelity and kills her in rage. Knowing about his lookalike Johnny and knowing that he is wanted by the police, he tries to pass on the murder charge to him and gives up on women as well looking at them in low light.

When was Johnny released in India?

15 August 1980


Did you know who starred in Johnny?

Rajinikanth, K. Balaji, Unni Mary


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Johnny

J. Mahendran

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