Jithan — 2005

Jithan — 2005

Surya (Ramesh), an introvert by nature loves his classmate Priya (Pooja) from childhood but has never expressed his feelings towards her. Meanwhile, Surya’s another classmate Ajay also tries to woo Priya in which he succeeds to an extent. Priya does not like Surya as she views him as a nerd. One day, Surya gets frustrated as he is not being liked by anyone and cries loudly in a beach where he finds a small idol of a God. He holds the idol saying that it is better to be invisible in this world rather than being disliked by everyone.

When was Jithan released in India?

6 May 2005


Did you know who starred in Jithan?

Jithan Ramesh, Pooja, Sarath Kumar, Kalabhavan Mani, Livingston


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Jithan

Vincent Selva

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