Jaisurya — 2004
Action, Crime, Drama

Jaisurya — 2004

Based in Kancheepuram, Surya/Arjun makes a living as a con-man on the North Zone, and is assisted by his girlfriend, Baby; while the South side is presided over by Pashupati. When a Kolkata-based contractor hires the latter to kill District Collector Jaianand/Kishan, Surya decides to defend him – this results in his finding out that Jaianand is his look-alike. Jaianand’s terrified fiancée, Shanupriya, then hires Surya to not only protect but also impersonate Jaianand – a move that will drastically change everyone’s lives – especially when Kishan refuses to let anyone take his place.

When was Jaisurya released in India?

17 December 2004


Did you know who starred in Jaisurya?

Arjun, Raj Kapoor, Kazan Khan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Jaisurya

Manoj Kumar

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