Irandu Mugam — 2010

Irandu Mugam — 2010

Parthasarathy (Karan) is the son of a cook and a political science graduate. He aspires to become a Minister. His mimicry skills get him acquainted with the Chief Minister, who comes to his village for a meeting. He impresses him to become local leader of the party. This incurs him the wrath of Thamizh Sakthi (Nasser), a leader of the same party, who wants to promote his younger brother.

Turn of events lead to Thamizh Sakthi helping Parthasarathy become MLA with a promise that he should be with him and support him in all shady deals. As it happens Parthasarathy now becomes a Minister. Their corrupt ways earn them money.

When was Irandu Mugam released in India?

3 September 2010


Did you know who starred in Irandu Mugam?

Malavika Avinash, M.S. Bhaskar, Anu Hassan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Irandu Mugam

R. Aravindraj 

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