Inji Iduppazhagi — 2015
Comedy, Romance

Inji Iduppazhagi — 2015

Soundarya aka sweety (Anushka Shetty) is a carefree working girl, who is a foodie and enjoys her life to the fullest. But her mother (Urvashi) is worried about her obese daughter and all the grooms that she finds reject Sweety as she is fat. Frustrated by all the rejections, Sweety says “No” to Abhi (Arya) who is apparently smitten by her innocence and kindheartedness. Later, Abhi falls in love with a fitness freak Simran (Sonal Chauhan). But slowly somewhere down the lane, Sweety takes a liking for Abhi but is shattered when she realizes that he is in love with Simran. Sweety decides to join a slimming center to lose weight as advised by her mother. What happens then ?

When was Inji Iduppazhagi released in India?

27 November 2015


Did you know who starred in Inji Iduppazhagi?

Anushka Shetty, Arya, Sonal Chauhan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Inji Iduppazhagi

Prakash Kovelamudi

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