Hello — 1999

Hello — 1999

Chandru (Prashanth) works in a flower shop owned by Manivannan. He tries to woo girls and enter into a relationship, but it does not materialize. His friends (Charle and Vaiyapuri) tease him for being unable to find a girlfriend. Chandru has a plan to prevent them making fun of him. He requests his close friend Gayathri (Sujitha) to come to the temple along with some of her friends so he would introduce her as his girlfriend to his friends. Chandru takes his friends with him to temple with plans of introducing Gayatri’s friend as his lover. Unfortunately, Gayatri does not turn up that day, and Chandru simply points out a girl (Preeti Jhangiani) among the crowd in the temple as his lover to his friends. Chandru pretends as if he is talking frequently over phone to his lover so that his friends would believe him.

When was Hello released in India?

7 November 1999


Did you know who starred in Hello?

Prashanth, Preeti Jhangiani, Sujitha, Ranjith


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Hello

K. Selva Bharathy

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