Good Luck — 2000
Comedy, Drama

Good Luck — 2000

Surya (Prashanth) is a carefree youth living in Malaysia with his brother Chandramohan (Raghuvaran) and sister-in-law Devi (Sukanya). Chandramohan and Devi are childless because of a problem with Chandramohan. Surya falls in love with dancer Priya (Riya Sen) and manages to steal her heart too. Just when things seem happy, a bombshell is dropped by a Sister Mary who tells Surya that he is the father of a small girl Pooja. Pooja must undergo an operation to save her life but insists on seeing her dad before agreeing to the operation. Surya agrees to pose as her dad and is forced to do so on a more permanent basis even after the operation is done. He is driven out of the house and loses Priya, who agrees to wed an earlier suitor, Shyam (Sanjay Asrani). Person who happens to be the dad of Pooja’s mother wants to kill Surya for cheating his daughter but ends up being arrested by police. Second half shifts to Cruise ship, where Chandramohan finds out that Pooja is actually his daughter. The film ends with Surya and Priya reuniting.

When was Good Luck released in India?

4 February 2000


Did you know who starred in Good Luck?

Prashanth, Riya Sen, Raghuvaran, Sukanya, Vivek, Vaiyapuri, Ilavarasi


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Good Luck

Manoj Bhatnagar 

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