Five Star — 2002
Drama, Romance

Five Star — 2002

Prabhu(Prasanna), Ilango(Krishna), Sundar(Karthik), Priya and Indra are the best of friends at college, swearing to never lose touch with one another later in life. They manage to get jobs in the same company but Ilango, was whisked away to his village by his dictatorial father(Vijayan) and forced into marriage with Eeswari(Kanika). He then runs away while the friends assume that he is in Bombay with his new wife. A few years later the remaining four are still friends, working in the same company and even living in one house. Prabhu meets Eeswari on the train and without knowing that she is Ilango’s wife, falls in love with her. When the truth comes out she becomes good friends with the gang while they promise to find Ilango and reunite them.

When was Five Star released in India?

4 October 2002


Did you know who starred in Five Star?

Kaniha, Krishna, Prasana


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Five Star

Susi Ganesan

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