Ezhayin Siripil — 2000

Ezhayin Siripil — 2000

Ganesh (Prabhu Deva) has the job of collecting travelers for the lone bus run by Padmavathi Bus Service, in Cuddalore town. His high-energy people-gathering tactics are considered the reason for the crowds on the bus and he earns commission for the same from the owner (Nasser) of the bus service. Though Ganesh earns quite enough, he doesn’t buy new clothes, things and eats very late and little. No one knows why he is saving so much money. The bus owner was, a young cleaner at Venkatesa bus service, but he fell in love with the owner’s daughter and eloped with her. Then after much hardships he becomes owner of 4 buses and very rich, in the same town, while his father in-law’s bus company failing. He and his family still maintain no contact with the mother’s family.

When was Ezhayin Siripil released in India?

28 Aug 2009


Did you know who starred in Ezhayin Siripil?

Prabhu Deva, Kousalya, Mayilsamy


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Ezhayin Siripil

K. Subash

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