Evano Oruvan — 2007
Action, Drama, Thriller

Evano Oruvan — 2007

Sridhar Vasudevan (R. Madhavan) is a middle-class family man employed in a bank. He is very idealistic, principled, and recognizes a deep sense of belonging with the society he is part of. He gets annoyed and flustered by illegal and semi-legal activities happening around him. His wife Vatsala (Sangeetha) persistently demands he should be more ‘flexible’ and make more money, but Sridhar does not accede. He endures the illegal and semi-legal activities around him because he anticipates a change in the mindsets of people. He feels that over time, they will become more honest, socially aware and willing to make small personal sacrifices for the greater good of all (like him).

Vatsala is a typical middle-class housewife and a caring mother of two children, Varsha and Varun. Societal imperfections and related problems matter very little to her. She is more concerned about her reactive husband, thinking about ways to save him from the effects of his angry outbursts and to steer him away from his impractical thoughts and deeds.

When was Evano Oruvan released in India?

7 December 2007


Did you know who starred in Evano Oruvan?

Madhavan, Sangeetha, Seeman


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Evano Oruvan

Nishikant Kamat

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