Ennavale — 2000
Action, Romance

Ennavale — 2000

James Vasanthan (Madhavan) and his three friends Ganeshan (Charle), Charles (Vaiyapuri), and Mohan (Venu Madhav), have a music troupe that sings at weddings. They are tenants of Subramani (Manivannan) whose daughter Lakshmi (Sneha) shares a good rapport with the youths, helping them in their time of need. Her encouragement puts a new zeal in James, who soon gains recognition as a singer. Not that this brings any change in the group’s lifestyle, for J. Suresh still shows them as strugglers. James finally proposes to Lakshmi who rejects him, as she has her past to reckon with. She is a divorcee, her husband having abandoned her soon after marriage for his girlfriend. When Lakshmi’s friend and neighbour Seetha (Aswini) puts some sense into her, she decides to make amends. Incidentally, Seetha had been hovering in the background doing almost nothing until she gets this scene to justify her presence in the film. But misunderstandings pile up between the lovers – the situations are all forced here – until J. Suresh leads the story to a desired happy ending.

When was Ennavale released in India?

22 December 2000


Did you know who starred in Ennavale?

Madhavan, Manivannan, Sneha


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Ennavale

J. Suresh

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