Engal Aasan — 2009
Action, Drama

Engal Aasan — 2009

The film features Captain Vijayakanth in the role of a bank officer named Mahendran who is transferred to the branch of Village Nilakottai to sort out the perplexing situation of bank fraud carried on by a big shot Marthandan (Debutant Ramki). Over there, he happens to find out that Marthandan has borrowed loan of worth Rs.250 million in the name of villagers.

Mahendran and his colleagues (played by Sriman and Ilavarasu) approach Marthandan to return the money that he had illegally borrowed. When refused, he assures of arresting Marthandan and the very next day, Mahendran and his colleagues are pushed down in shock for the entire bank is burnt down and they are dismissed. Now, Mahendran together with his mates tries to reveal the true color of Marthandan and prove of their innocence.

When was Engal Aasan released in India?

18 July 2009


Did you know who starred in Engal Aasan?

Vijayakanth, Vikranth, Sheryl Brindo, Akshaya, Suja Varunee


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Engal Aasan

P. Kalaimani, R. K. Kalaimani

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