En Swasa Katre — 1999
Action, Adventure, Drama, Musical

En Swasa Katre — 1999

A seemingly down-to-earth guy Arun (Arvind Swamy) leads a life of a computer hacker by day and thief by night. When he meets Madhu (Isha Koppikar) whom he fancies, he wishes to turn over a new leaf. But Arun’s rogue brother, who has been blackmailing him since young to do his dirty deeds, does not think likewise. A deep love-hate relationship between them which unfolded during their childhood days traps Arun into a life of crime. How Arun chooses between his family and love forms the crux of the story.

When was En Swasa Katre released in India?

26 February 1999


Did you know who starred in En Swasa Katre?

Santhana Bharathi, Chinnijayanth, Devan


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed En Swasa Katre

K.S. Ravi

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