En Rasavin Manasile — 1991
Action, Drama

En Rasavin Manasile — 1991

Mayandi (Rajkiran) was a brave and strong man who was respected by villagers. Mayandi was in love with his cousin Solaiyamma (Meena) and wanted to get married to her but they have nothing in common. The soft-spoken Solaiyamma was afraid of him. In the meantime, Murugesan (Raj Chander), a city youngster, fell in love with Solaiyamma’s little sister Kasthuri (Saradha Preetha). Later, Mayandi and Solaiyamma had an arranged marriage but Solaiyamma was still afraid of him after the marriage. One night, Mayandi came drunk in his house, molested the innocent Solaiyamma and brutally raped her. Since that night, Solaiyamma began to avoid Mayandi and she didn’t talk to him anymore. A few months later, Solaiyamma discovered that she was pregnant. Mayandi and Solaiyamma were unable to understand their feelings. Finally, Ponnuthayi (Srividya), Mayandi’s adopted mother, brought them back together. Unfortunately, Solaiyamma died after giving birth.

When was En Rasavin Manasile released in India?

13 April 1991


Did you know who starred in En Rasavin Manasile?

Raj Kiran, Meena, Vadivelu


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed En Rasavin Manasile

Kasthuri Raja

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