Em Magan — 2009
Action, Drama, Romance

Em Magan — 2009

Thirumalai (Nasser) owns a provision store in a village and lives with his family comprising his wife (Saranya Ponvannan), brother-in-law Karupatti Ayyakannu (Vadivelu), son Krishnan (Bharath) and a daughter. Thirumalai is very strict, short tempered and is referred as “Emden” by his relatives. Krishnan studies poultry science in a college and also assists his father in managing the store. Krishnan worries about his father’s rude behaviour towards him.

Divya (Gajala) is Krishnan’s classmate and she is also the daughter of the auditor who manages Thirumalai’s accounts. Divya proposes to Krishnan, who does not reciprocate as he loves his maternal uncle’s (Shanmugarajan) daughter, Janani (Gopika). But enmity prevails between Thirumalai and his in laws’ family. Krishnan lives with the hope that the two families will unite someday paving the way for his wedding.

When was Em Magan released in India?

28 Aug 2009


Did you know who starred in Em Magan?

Bharath Srinivasan, Gopika, Nassar


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Em Magan


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