Don — 2007
Action, Crime, Drama

Don — 2007

The story begins when a teen named Suri escapes and finds a drug dealer tormenting some little boys. Suri guns down the drug dealer. One of the boys, Raghava/Jadhav, expresses his wish to join him. The rest of the boys become Suri’s helpers and eventually his henchmen. The film continues 20 years later with Suri (Akkineni Nagarjuna) and Raghava/Jadhav (Raghava Lawrence), and with the establishment of the fact that Suri is the don with a golden heart. Then, he has Raghava/Jadhav as his sidekick who adores him to death. Together, they rule the underworld of Andhra Pradesh. Since Suri is the unopposed kingpin, he has time for a song and dance on his birthday with his basti people. Everything is peaceful and hunky dory, but only until Stephen/Feroz (Kelly Dorji) enters the scene. He is a feared don throughout India who wants to add Andhra to his underworld fiefdom. Suri refuses to work with Stephen/Feroz. In many attempts to kill Suri, Stephen’s/Feroz’s men get killed. Rathnam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) wants to kill Raghava/Jadhav. Raghava/Jadhav kills Rathnam because the latter hosted a hideout for Stephen’s/Feroz’s men in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Suri falls in love with Priya (Anushka Shetty). At first, she doesn’t like him but later begins to like him. Raghava/Jadhav also finds a girl he likes. In that process, he is cornered, where his fiancé Nandhini (Nikita Thukral) ends up being on the villains side. Raghava/Jadhav is killed. In a final meet between Suri and Stephen/Feroz, the latter returns Raghava’s/Jadhav’s bullet-ridden body and challenges Suri to a fight on the condition that ‘A person will lose two of his men for each fall he takes’. Angered and heartbroken by Raghava’s/Jadhav’s death, Suri accepts his challenge. As the fight progresses, Suri loses two of his men. Determined to win, Suri continues the fight and thrashes up Stephen/Feroz and his two well-trained women bodyguards. The fight ends with Stephen/Feroz getting killed by Suri, and he warns Stephen’s/Feroz’s remaining men not to be like their boss.

When was Don released in India?

20 December 2007


Did you know who starred in Don?

Akkineni Nagarjuna, Anushka Shetty, Raghava Lawrence


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Don

Raghava Lawrence

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