Chithiram Pesuthadi — 2006
Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Chithiram Pesuthadi — 2006

Thiru (Narain), a fearless karate fighter, saves the son of a local don from being killed by members of a rival gang. In return, the don Annachi (Dhandapani) hires Thiru as his henchman. Thiru’s mother (Sathyapriya) and younger sister dislike his association with the gang but have to live with his decision.

One day, Thiru stumbles upon Charu (Bhavana), a worker at an NGO who fights injustice. A quarrel ensues between them, and they grow to dislike each other. Nobody has spoken up to Thiru before, and he admires Charu’s courage. Whenever they bump into one another, Charu berates Thiru for being a gangster. Ashamed, Thiru and a few of his gangsters try to turn over a new leaf by selling toys at a sidewalk.

Charu is impressed by Thiru’s changed personality and decides to marry him. Her father (Raviprakash) gives her his blessings, though her uncle (Mahadevan) does not approve. However, her hopes are shattered after she witnessed a naked Thiru being clumped away in a police truck from a brothel after a raid. She gives up her plans of being with him and blames her father for not raising her well enough to make the right decision. Later that day, her father commits suicide. Charu blames Thiru for ruining her life and causing her father’s death. Thiru and his friends return to Annachi.

When was Chithiram Pesuthadi released in India?

10 February 2006


Did you know who starred in Chithiram Pesuthadi?

Narain, Bhavana, Kadhal Thandapani


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Chithiram Pesuthadi


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