Chatrapathi — 2004

Chatrapathi — 2004

Saravanan (Sarathkumar) is a bus driver in a college. He also takes care of an orphanage which is home to numerous children and old-aged people. Indhu (Nikita Thukral), a student of the college, tries to woo Saravanan, while rowdies and other antisocial elements in the city are found dead. Chakravarthy (Mahadevan), the politico who loses his right-hand man, vows revenge and realizes Saravanan, who killed his henchmen, is an Army Major whom he and his men had eliminated years ago in a scuffle over his sister’s (Saranya) land. How Saravanan fends off the evil elements and unites with Indhu forms the rest of the story.

When was Chatrapathi released in India?

12 November 2004


Did you know who starred in Chatrapathi?

Sarathkumar, Nikita Thukral


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Chatrapathi


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