Charlie Chaplin — 2002

Charlie Chaplin — 2002

Ramakrishnan (Prabhu) is a rich businessman in Ooty who owns an advertising company and is married to Mythili (Abirami) who is very possessive about her husband. Mythili always suspects her husband fearing that he would end up having an affair with some other girl and this brings frequent quarrels between the couple. But Ramakrishnan is a kind hearted gentleman and he takes care of his wife with great love.

Thirunavukkarasu (Prabhu Deva) is a poor photographer in the same town and initially Ramakrishnan minunderstands Thiru to be a rogue. Later understands his good nature and provides him a job in his own company. Thiru is very loyal to Ramakrishnan and Mythili and respects Ramakrishnan as his brother. Ramakrishnan is also very kind to Thiru. One day, Thiru meets a girl Susi (Gayathri Raghuram) and the both fall in love with each other. Susi is a social activist who voices for women empowerment.

Vishwa (Livingston) is a close friend of Ramakrishnan and is married to Amudha (Vindhya). But Vishwa is a play boy and has affairs with so many girls. One day, a small quarrel erupts between Ramakrishnan and Mythili following which Ramakrishnan worries thinking about his wife’s continuous suspecting behaviour. Vishwa plans to relax Ramakrishnan by engaging a call girl Thilothama (Monal).

When was Charlie Chaplin released in India?

15 February 2002


Did you know who starred in Charlie Chaplin?

Prabhu Deva, Prabhu, Livingston


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Charlie Chaplin

Sakthi Chidambaram

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