Bodinayakanur Ganesan — 2011

Bodinayakanur Ganesan — 2011

Bodinayakanur Ganeshan story is set on the backdrop of a village and here is Ganesan (harikumar) along with his friend Gilaki (soori). Both are hated by the villagers since they sell Ganja and arrack. They work under the local don Thiruvachi (sai ravi) and earn their livelihood.

When was Bodinayakanur Ganesan released in India?

29 Jul 2011


Did you know who starred in Bodinayakanur Ganesan?

Hari kumar, Soori,Sai Ravi, Arundhati, Ashwin


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Bodinayakanur Ganesan


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