Bayam Ariyan — 2010
Action, Romance

Bayam Ariyan — 2010

The film is about a bad cop Mithran (Kishore), who utilizes the useless and violent youngster to indulge in conniving activities only to get his pockets overwhelmed with profit. Vinoth (Magesh Kumar) is his right pick as he heeds for his orders and he’s one such cruel guy, who beats his mother black and blue for money. Saranya enacts his mother’s role and she completely possesses the qualities of yesteryear mother in Tamil cinema. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Nivedha (Udhayathara) and even she falls for him. When things are going finer, his life turns topsy-turvy when his mother passes away. He starts feeling a lot missing her. Meanwhile Mithran and Vinoth tend to lock horns with each other with a shockingly repellent climax.

When was Bayam Ariyan released in India?

23 Apr 2010


Did you know who starred in Bayam Ariyan?

Mahesh, Udhaya Tara, Saranya dons


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Bayam Ariyan


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