Bala — 2002

Bala — 2002

Bala (Shaam) is the favorite hit man of gangster Pasupathi (Rajan P. Dev). When Bala is not zooming around in jeeps with a wild-looking gang parading down lanes with the same gang faithfully following a step behind him or knocking down one person or another, he is successfully wooing Aarthi (Meera Jasmine). Aarthi is the daughter of Jeyamani (Raghuvaran), a rival gangster. Ailing don Paranthaman (Thilakan), the mentor of the two rivals, brings a compromise by suggesting that Aarthi will be married to Pasupathi’s wayward son. Bala naturally becomes a pariah in both camps, till it’s all’s well that ends well.

When was Bala released in India?

13 December 2002


Did you know who starred in Bala?

Rajan P. Dev, Meera Jasmine, Karunas


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Bala


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