Baby — 2015

Baby — 2015

Sakthi (Shira Gaarg), after having separated from her husband, lives with her 6 years old daughter Adhithi (Baby Srivarshini). In her apartment, Adhithi starts hearing a voice calling her name, and is initially afraid. After celebrating her birthday, Adhithi finds a baby doll near her floor lift and again hears that voice which asks her to take the doll as her birthday gift and Adhithi starts developing a likeness towards that voice and start seeing a ghostly figure to which she gets attached soon. On one night, Adhithi draws the ghostly figure in a piece of paper and writes her name as Anne. When Sakthi notices this drawing, she was bit worried and even consults a Psychiatrist who in-turn advises her to spend more time with her child.

When was Baby released in India?

July 3, 2015


Did you know who starred in Baby?

Manoj Bharathiraja, Shira Gaarg, Baby Sathanya, Baby Srivarshini, Anjali Rao


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Baby

D Suresh

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