Azhagar Samiyin Kuthirai — 2011

Azhagar Samiyin Kuthirai — 2011

The villagers believe the Rain Gods will favor them after the annual Thiruvizha, during which the deity is taken around the village on a wooden horse. They are in for a rude shock when the horse goes missing. At the same time, Azhagarsami, a youngster who earns his livelihood by ferrying loads on his horse, gets ready for his marriage. His horse also goes missing, and his marriage is put on hold. Do the villagers and Azhagarsami find their respective horses?

When was Azhagar Samiyin Kuthirai released in India?

19 May 2011


Did you know who starred in Azhagar Samiyin Kuthirai?

Appukutty, Saranya Mohan, Prabhakar


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Azhagar Samiyin Kuthirai


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