Appuchi Gramam — 2014

Appuchi Gramam — 2014

Scientists at ISRO make a startling discovery of a meteorite on a collision course with Earth and are confident that its impact zone is somewhere in South India and probably in Tamil Nadu. While they make frantic efforts to create awareness and prepare for the aftermath, a small unassuming village – Appuchi Graamam feels the heat as they brace themselves of the impending doom that would befall the impact zone of the meteorite. The emotions that the village goes through before the celestial event are captured to form the rest of the story.

When was Appuchi Gramam released in India?

14 November 2014


Did you know who starred in Appuchi Gramam?

Ganja’ Karuppu, Raja Krishnamoorthy, G.M. Kumar


You’ll be surprised to discover who directed Appuchi Gramam

Vi Anand

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